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When someone dies in Georgia, unless other arrangements have been made, their estate goes into probate. Probate is the process of legally winding up a deceased person’s affairs, including payment of debts and distributing property to heirs. In Barrow County, this process is supervised by the Barrow County Probate Court. This page gives you an overview of the Probate Court of Barrow County, Georgia, including its location, the kinds of cases it deals with, and information on the Barrow County probate process, including forms you may need.

Author: Paul Black

Paul’s experience as the son of two parents with big health challenges is what led him to the work he does today and gives him first-hand knowledge of the challenges that many caregivers and family members face. After graduation from GSU Law, Paul was chosen from dozens of applicants nationwide as one of three 2010-2011 Borchard Foundation Law & Aging Fellows. Paul has been named as  a SuperLawyers “Rising Star” in the area of Estate Planning and as a member of Georgia’s “Legal Elite” by Georgia Trend magazine. Published on: May 23, 2019. Last updated on: July 13, 2019.

Barrow County Probate Court

Barrow County Probate Court section

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Although it has multiple responsibilities, one of the primary jobs of the Probate Court is to determine how to lawfully resolve the affairs of a deceased person. When someone passes away, there are numerous legal procedures that must be submitted to the Probate Court in their county of residence. Georgia citizens who resided in Barrow County or non-residents who owned Georgia real estate in that county go through the Probate Court of Barrow County.

Among other things, this process includes paying any outstanding debts and estate taxes. The remaining assets are then dispersed to the rightful heirs. This may consist of residential or commercial property, investments, and savings.

Due to the complexities of the process, you should consult a legal expert of the Georgia probate system or an estate attorney, such as those found at the Law Office of Paul Black. He can assist you in weighing your options and reaching the best choice for your scenario.

The Responsibilities of the Barrow County Courts

When somebody passes away in Georgia, unless they reside in another region, their estate enters the Barrow County Courts. Although most people are aware that they should have their affairs in order, they often believe they will always have time to address these important issues. Unfortunately, accidents and untimely illnesses take unprepared individuals every day.

Probate is the method for legally resolving the departed individual’s affairs. This consists of paying financial obligations and distributing property and assets to their successors. In Barrow County, this process is overseen by the Probate Court system.

Additional Responsibilities of the Barrow County Courts

In addition to the administration of estates, there are multiple other aspects the Probate Court handles. These include marriage license applications and Georgia gun license applications, validation of wills, involuntary mental health commitments, and determining guardianship and conservators. At the Law Office of Paul Black, we are equipped to handle any Barrow Count probate issues involving the estate, however, we do not handle firearms-permit related issues.

When dealing with any of these issues, including incapacity planning in Georgia, it is wise to develop a relationship with a skilled attorney in your location. By discussing your wishes early, you can become comfortable with the topic and minimize issues with your estate later.

Barrow County Courts

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Barrow County Probate Judge Winder GA

Barrow County Probate Judge Winder GA

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The Barrow County Probate judge in Winder GA exists to guarantee that estates are settled lawfully, specifically in cases where there is no will. The Barrow County Probate Judge, Tammy Brown, can be reached at 770-307-3045. Probate court judges are elected for terms of four years.

When somebody passes away, their estate is moved to Probate Court, where the judge rules on the credibility of wills and guarantees that all relevant parties have actually been properly informed of the death. Then an administrator manages the proper circulation of the estates. Although these administrators are generally relatives, they can be any reliable and unbiased person over the age of 18.

Barrow County Probate Further Explained

Among other things, the Probate Court of Barrow County exercises jurisdiction over the following:

  • Administration of estates
  • Barrow County Misdemeanor traffic citations
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Certificates of residence
  • Conservators of minors
  • Georgia fireworks and weapons permits
  • Guardians and conservators of adults
  • Involuntary hospitalization evaluations
  • Marriage licenses
  • Probate of Georgia wills
  • Temporary and permanent guardians of minors

The Barrow County Probate office also administers oaths to public officers, as well as approves, files, and records bonds of public officers, and administers estate matters.

Responsibly planning your estate to accommodate all possible scenarios makes the probate process easier for everyone involved.

Understanding the Probate Court of Barrow County

In addition to the aforementioned responsibilities, as the state-appointed custodian of vital county records, the Probate Court of Barrow County records birth, death, and marriage certificates. It hears the following misdemeanor cases:

  • Drug cases
  • Fish and game cases
  • Traffic cases

The Probate Court of Barrow County also collects county and state traffic fines. The office administers public officer oaths, approves, files, and records public officer bonds.

Hiring a skilled and sensitive lawyer with experience handling power of attorney Georgia cases is wise. In fact, spending money on the right legal counsel and detailing your estate plans in advance can save your family time and money after the already stressful time of your demise.

Barrow County Probate Courthouse Hours and Address

The Barrow County Courthouse hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can visit the Barrow County Courthouse at 652 Barrow Park Drive, Suite D Winder, GA. Since it is closed on certain holidays, it is wise to telephone and verify that it is open.

The probate clerk at Barrow County Courthouse may require appointments, so you may have to call ahead. Also, make sure to be there early so you have time to go through formal security measures upon entering the building, since courthouses are official state and federal property.

Many Barrow County probate matters can be taken care of by using standard Georgia probate forms. But, before visiting the Barrow County Courthouse, it is also advisable that you discuss your particular legal situation with a local estate and probate attorney to ensure you have your documents in order. This simplifies the process and ensures a more desirable outcome.

Probate Court of Barrow County

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Barrow County GA Probate Court

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Employing a Barrow County GA Probate Court lawyer with years of experience to represent you is elective. It is, however, suggested that you seek expert recommendations on all the essential legal matters that are dealt with in probate court.

Probate lawyers help administrators or individual agents of an estate to ensure the departed individual’s desires are followed when there is a will. If necessary, he can also act as an intermediary between the administrator and recipients if they disagree about the proper distribution of assets or in issues of power of attorney or guardianship disputes.

Hiring a reputable estate attorney to plan for the unforeseeable future is the responsible action to take. Prompt and appropriate management of all estate-related jobs can help you prevent a lengthy visit at the Barrow County Georgia Probate Court. Contact a knowledgeable Barrow County lawyer now for expert representation.

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