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In Cobb County, Georgia, the process of legally winding up a deceased person’s affairs is handled by the Cobb County Probate Court. Learn more here.

Author: Paul Black

Paul’s experience as the son of two parents with big health challenges is what led him to the work he does today and gives him first-hand knowledge of the challenges that many caregivers and family members face. After graduation from GSU Law, Paul was chosen from dozens of applicants nationwide as one of three 2010-2011 Borchard Foundation Law & Aging Fellows. Paul has been named as  a SuperLawyers “Rising Star” in the area of Estate Planning and as a member of Georgia’s “Legal Elite” by Georgia Trend magazine. Published on: December 13, 2020. Last updated on: January 02, 2021.

Where Is the Cobb County Probate Court Located?

Where Is the Cobb County Probate Court Located section

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The Probate Court of Cobb County is located at 32 Waddell Street, Marietta, GA 30090. Court offices are open from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM by appointment, Monday through Friday, except during holidays or court closures. However, you should make sure to arrive at 4:30 PM at the latest to make sure there’s enough time for processing your petitions. After that time, the Probate Court will not accept any payments.

The Probate Court, Cobb County Georgia, hears cases involving probate of wills, as well as the appointment and removal of executors and administrators, disposition or selling of the estate property, and issuing weapons carry licenses and marriage licenses. This Probate Court also has exclusive jurisdiction over the appointment and removal of guardians of incapacitated adults and minors and other services, including issuing a certificate of residence.

If you believe you’ll need help with this court, reach out to The Law Office of Paul Black today. Our office can handle nearly any probate issue, and we’re dedicated to serving as your trusted legal advocate at all stages of the probate process.

Cobb County Probate Court: General Information

Tara Riddle is Associate Judge of the Probate Court, Cobb County, Georgia, and Kelli Wolk is Chief Judge. In addition to the Probate Court, Superior Court, Juvenile, Magistrate, and State courts are also a part of the Cobb County Government.

There are certain fees that have to be paid when an individual is filing the petition with the Probate Court. For example, the filing fee for a marriage license without premarital counseling is $56.00, and for weapons carry license renewal is $30.00. The court accepts cash, personal checks payable to the court, and credit cards.

A recording fee is also required for practically every document filed with this court. It’s usually a few dollars per page, and it is paid in addition to the regular filing fees.


How to Perform a Cobb County Probate Court Document Search

If you want to search, download, view, or print copies of Probate Court documents, you can do that here. First, you have to select what kind of document you want to search for, whether it is estate or guardianship related, a marriage license, or any other document.

Next, you can enter the case number and/or your name. When it comes to marriage licenses, you can also search for documents by marriage date. Make sure you have at least one information value entered so your search can be successful.

The Law Office of Paul Black can help you and your family navigate the court probate process efficiently. Georgia estate law attorney Paul Black’s expertise with the probate process is invaluable when you are dealing with uncontested probate court issues, including estate management, conservatorship, and guardianship petitions.

How to Access Cobb County Probate Court Records

Cobb County Probate Court Records

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Probate Court of Cobb County records includes marriage licenses, property and real estate records, guardianships, weapons permits, and wills. Court records are public, so it can be easy to get a copy of anything you may need, such as a will or information regarding the decedent’s estate. 

You can get a copy of the will or any other document from the court or by going there in person or by making a written request via mail. Make sure you pay a copying fee, which can vary depending on how many pages there are. 

The Law Office of Paul Black can offer legal advice during any part of the probate process in Georgia. Although it’s best to handle estate planning and draw up a will in advance, life can take unexpected turns. Even if you do not have a will, we can help you file the correct probate forms.

Understanding Cobb County Probate Court Forms

There are many types of probate forms, and most of them are available online. You can fill them out by hand or before you print them. Most probate matters in Georgia can be handled by using standard probate forms. The instructions, as well as fillable PDF files, can be found on the website of the Council of Probate Court Judges of Georgia

Some Georgia Probate forms are required even if there is a will. But, in cases in which one’s death is unexpected and there is no will, there are several options available:

  • Permanent Administration
  • Temporary Administration
  • No Administration Necessary

Probating an estate in Georgia usually consists of gathering all assets, paying off debts, as well as distributing the remaining assets to anyone eligible to inherit from the estate legally. However, these steps also depend on the size of the estate and whether or not the decedent has left a will. 

One of the Probate Court forms that are most commonly used is Solemn Form Probate, used to notify possible heirs of the estate. On the other hand, there is the Common Form Probate of wills, which doesn’t require notification. Letters of Administration with Will Annexed and Will Filed Not for Probate are the two other types of probate when there is a will.

Other petitions can also be filled no matter if there’s a will or not. These petitions include, for example, Year’s Support and Petition to Enter Safe Deposit Box.

Although it is perfectly legal to handle the probate process without an attorney, it is not advisable. If you choose to go through it alone, you have to know not only which forms you may need, but also to understand the possible outcomes of your moves. 

A qualified estate planning attorney like Paul Black will make sure the Georgia Probate forms you need are correctly filled out and filed, and even ensure your estate is handled the way you want it. 

Understanding Cobb County Probate Court Forms

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Navigating Common Challenges in the Probate Process

The probate journey in Cobb County, while meticulously structured, is not without its hurdles. A prevalent challenge many face is the intricate paperwork and strict deadlines, which, if mishandled, can lead to significant delays.

Additionally, disputes among heirs or beneficiaries over the interpretation of wills or the distribution of assets can complicate proceedings, escalating both the time and cost involved.

To navigate these waters smoothly, it’s advisable to engage with a probate attorney early in the process. Their expertise not only streamlines the submission of all necessary documents but also ensures adherence to all procedural timelines.

In cases of potential disputes, a seasoned attorney can offer mediation strategies or represent your interests in court, aiming for a resolution that honors the decedent’s wishes while minimizing conflict among parties involved.

Remember, the goal is to manage the estate efficiently, respecting legal and familial obligations alike.

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The Role of a Probate Attorney

A good probate attorney can assist you with implementing the wishes of your deceased loved one if they left a will. They can be the perfect link between the executor and the beneficiaries in case there are any disputes.

An experienced attorney can also help you avoid lengthy probate court processes by helping you manage the distribution of assets, payment of property taxes, management of estate debts, selling any property, and other estate-related responsibilities.

If you want to have a smooth probate case, contact us directly at the Law Office of Paul Black or leave us a note.

Taking the Best Course of Action in a Legal Dilemma

When a resident of Marietta, GA, passes away, there are a number of legal documents that have to be filed in the Cobb County Probate Court. Generally, any non-resident who owns land in Georgia has to file in the county where their property is located. Even so, you need to note that each county may have different guidelines.

For this or any other similar case, the process can get complicated. You should therefore consult the Law Office of Paul Black to get a good attorney. We will assist you with determining the best option for you depending on your unique circumstances.

Cobb County Probate Court Phone Number

Cobb County Probate Court Phone Number

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You can reach the Probate Court of Cobb County by calling 770-528-1900. By calling 770-528-1300 (Superior Court Clerk), you can get information regarding passports and divorce records. The Probate Court does not perform wedding ceremonies, but information regarding them can be obtained at 770-528-8900.

In addition to issuing weapons carry licenses, removing and appointing guardians of incapacitated adults and minors, and issuing a marriage license, the Cobb County Probate Court also has exclusive jurisdiction over other legal matters. These matters include, for example, commitments of the drug and alcohol abusers and mentally ill, audit of returns of administrators, executors, and guardians, and various other services, including recording of elected officials’ oaths and issuing fireworks permits.

Whether there is an issue involving wills, disposition or selling of the estate property, administration of estates, or appointment of guardians, the help of a skilled and knowledgeable Georgia probate lawyer can’t hurt your case.

If you need help regarding the Probate Court of Cobb County, its forms, or records, you can also contact the Clerk. However, have in mind that, although the Clerk and the staff are committed to providing excellent customer service, the state law forbids them to offer any legal advice or recommend a way to pursue a specific legal action.

But, the best thing you can do is to contact an experienced probate court attorney who is intimately familiar with this court, like Paul Black, and take advantage of a free initial 15-minute call. Reach out at 404-410-6820 today to get started.

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