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Ensuring Your Kids’s Safety

Kids will be kids. Sometimes, they will get hurt and need medical attention. If anyone else (grandparents, friends, siblings, etc.) ever cares for your minor children, you will want to complete this Medical Authorization for Treatment of a Minor Child for each of your kids. It empowers the people you trust to obtain medical care for your child, and it is not state-specific to Georgia. Be sure to review the form carefully to ensure that you understand all of it. Also, be sure to have each form (one per child) notarized.

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Here are white papers on topics of frequent interest to parents:

Ten Reasons To Create An Estate Plan Now: Good estate planning is not just about passing on your property after you die. More importantly, it’s about who makes important decisions for you when you cannot, and ensuring that your family’s needs are met.

For more in-depth treatment of estate planning, check out my page on the topic, which includes a video overview.

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?: If you have a spouse or partner, or you have or may soon have children, life insurance is an essential part of providing for your family if anything happens to you. This handout will help you determine how much life insurance you will actually need. It’s probably more than you think, which is why you might also want to read What Is An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, which describes how and why you will want to keep life insurance out of your taxable estate.

Planning for A Child With Special Needs: If you have a child with physical or intellectual disabilities, you may want to read this handout to learn how to preserve that child’s eligibility for federal benefits (SSI and Medicaid), but still be able to spend additional funds to improve your child’s quality of life.

If you think you may need assistance with the DeKalb County Probate Court, take advantage of free initial 15-minute phone call with a probate attorney Atlanta.

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